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Are Slot Machines a Game of Math or Only Depend Upon Luck

The popularity of the online gambling industry has increased recently; its transparency and honesty have always been a matter of decisions. Online players worldwide wonder about their depends upon luck or skill game when they play at online casinos. Well, card games like blackjack, roulette or poker needed a different level of skills along with luck.

It is always essential to play at an online or traditional casino. For example, card game players use math techniques to increase their chances of winning and making money. While slot machine games don’t require any type of skills or expertise, however, there are some factors which affect your payouts.

House edge

In slot machine games, the chance of winning mostly depends upon luck, but gamblers should follow some techniques and strategies to use lower house edge. But the main question is that what is house edge? House edge is the casino’s average benefit from every game players plays. While if you play with a higher house edge, the payout percentage is lower.

So it is important to learn how to calculate the house edge. For example, if the house edge is seat as 3%, gamblers lose 3% on average for every gamble. We also say that this term is less or more related to table games, including roulette, blackjack, baccarat or other games, all available at an online casino.

Return to player

  • RTP rate is another online-casino-related concept that is more attached to Situs Slot than house edge.
  • RTP is a parameter for all slot machine games which defines the expected percentage of money that returns to the player as prizes while playing a particular game.
  • In addition, gamblers are perplexed by the RTP rate and house edge concepts.
  • While both have different meanings, they are closely related in reverse.
  • For example, if slot games have a house edge is 3%, and then their RTP percentage will be 97%.


Volatility is another important concept defining your overall winning rate when choosing the slot machine game. The volatility rate is either low or high. At higher volatility slot games, the players have a chance to win a large amount of money, which is rare, while low volatility slot games allow gamblers to win less. The volatility differs from the RTP percentage, but both low and high-volatility slot games have the same RTP percentage.


Every gambler loves bonuses and rewards. They are like the fruits of the online casino; it is also a way which helps to gamble to increase traffic. Bonuses define the amount of funds you get from playing a machine game. Therefore, while picking an online casino, it is important to always check the features of bonuses offered by slot games.

Some slot games offer free spins, no deposit bonus or multipliers and many more on the slot machine themes. Moreover, the multipliers mainly multiply the payouts by whatever the symbol is on the pay line. Free spins give a chance to the players to get a number of free chances to spin the wheel.